3 Key Action Steps to Broaden Your Perspective

Your perspective is the way you see something – your attitude towards an idea, or a point of view. We all have a perspective, which is a good thing. However, your perspective is limited to your understanding of things based on your personal experiences. These experiences have shaped your behaviors and mindset. Although, your perspective plays an important role in holding strong to your core values, it is important to recognize you also have some limited beliefs that are most likely holding you back. If you want to continue to grow and succeed, you must find a way to broaden your scope of perspective.

These three key action steps can help you broaden your perspective and unleash some limited beliefs.

1.Change your environment –

You may not realize it, but your environment makes a huge difference in how you see things. While it can be making a positive impact, it can also be a wrecking ball. Essentially, your environment is composed of the space you work and live in, what you listen to and watch, the things you read and follow, and the people you spend the most time with. It’s beyond important to recognize the influence your surroundings have on your beliefs, mindset, motivation, and ultimately the standard you set for yourself. It can be uncomfortable to get out of your circle and meet some new people, or force yourself to let go of certain influencers, but it is imperative to constantly learn from different points of view. Don’t be afraid to shake it up a bit and expose yourself to some change.

2.Seek wisdom –

The ability to pursue wisdom is a true blessing. It allows you to gain knowledge beyond what you currently understand. Wisdom can be any type of knowledge that gives you a greater sense of peace, fulfillment, and happiness. When you look to learn about different ideas or learn about anything that makes you think about reality differently in a way that positively impacts you, you are seeking wisdom. There is never a point on this side of heaven when you can possibly reach the peak of wisdom. With wisdom, there is always more to have. Society sets a man-made barrier on what you can know, which is the bare minimum. If you want to broaden your perspective, you must make a personal choice to constantly pursue wisdom. Living in comfort, choosing not to grow, and ignoring the possibility for change may seem like the easier choice, but your fullest potential is always on the other side of your limited beliefs. There is always more to gain, something beyond what you are familiar with.

3.Stop making excuses –

Even though excuses are tempting and can give you an easy out from an uncomfortable situation, they can cause more harm than good. Excuse making is psychological, and it’s a terrible habit that usually forms early in life as a protection measure. Your mind wants to think of itself as an ethical, honest, and moral person. So when you are in a situation that makes you feel the opposite, such as missing a deadline, forgetting something, or breaking a commitment, you will make an excuse to protect your positive sense of identity. With broadening our perspective (or learning something new), comes responsibility. If we’re honest, responsibility usually feels like more work than we would like to do. In other words, if I know better, than I must do better. There is a sense of moral obligation to put forth effort now that I understand. Your brain wants to keep you comfortable and will work against you with excuses. This way of thinking is a huge hinderance of success and can keep you in a state of mediocracy. In the long run, facing the truth and owning your actions will allow for you to learn from your mistakes and ultimately broaden your perspective.

Understanding the limitations of our perspective is an important piece of self-development. If you have a desire to always be growing into a better version of yourself, then you must constantly push and challenge your mindset, beliefs, and ideas beyond your current state. It is uncomfortable and it is hard work, but you can do it, and it is worth it!


Written by: Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.


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