Three Steps to Get What You Desire.

In the book, “The Secret”, ask, believe, receive, are the fundamentals to the Law of Attraction. You can get the things you want with the power of your thoughts, and the energy they put out. Although the Law of Attraction is always working, following these three steps will make sure it is working exactly the way you want it to.

  1. Ask for exactly what you want – Be clear and specific in asking for what you want. Being clear in your own mind about what you want is required to send out the right signals. For example, if you say, “I want my life to be different.” This could mean nearly anything. If you say, “I want to get a different job that allows me to use my talents of being a good artist”, now you are sending out specific vibes that are clear and concise.
  1. Believe your thoughts have power – You must believe that what you ask for will happen. The moment you ask, believe as though it has already happened. If you believe, you can relax and know that in the perfect time, you will get what you have asked for. The trick is not to focus on the fact that you have not received it yet or worry to much about how it is going to happen. If you have been clear, there can be no question of the future. Have complete faith!
  1. Receive what you have asked for – Even before you have received what you have asked for, act as though you have already received it. Be grateful for where you are and for what is to come. Being open to receiving is the way to get all that is to come to you. For an example, when you get what you want, you will feel happy. Be happy now, as though you have what you want. Feel all the emotions that come with receiving what you have asked for. This will send out positive signals that will attract back to you.

When you follow these three steps, The Law of Attraction requires that you get exactly what you have asked for. Remember, ask for exactly what you want, believe there is power in your thoughts, and be open and ready to receive.


Written by:

Kim Martin

Founder of I’ve Decided, INC

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