5 Sparks to help you Ignite your Passion

Whatever your goal or dream is, passion is the fuel that motivates you to take action. Additionally, it provides you the power to stick with your goals no matter how long it takes to accomplish them. Ultimately, without passion, success is impossible. If you are going to be successful, you must be massively passionate about making it happen. The problem is, given the current climate we are all living in, most of us are feeling low (to put it mildly). If you’re like most people, igniting your passion within right now can feel like a ton of work. However, if you genuinely desire to achieve the goals and dreams in your heart, you can ignite your passion. To help you, we’ve discovered 5 sparks for you to apply.

  • Decide what you want – What do you want? The first thing you must do is decide exactly what it is you want. It’s hard to get massively passionate about what you’re unclear in. You must be certain of where you’re going and what it is you ultimately want to achieve. One way for you to get clear about what it is you desire, is to consider your life 5 or even 10 years from now. What do you want it to look like? Where do you want to be in your business, your career, and your personal life? Once you have that clear image, work your way back to now. What’s the first thing you need to do now in the present to start working towards that ultimate goal?


  • Start where you are – If you have a big goal, the long can seem long and overwhelming. You may think you need to be at a certain place or have a certain amount of money to even get started towards your goal. This kind of thinking can paralyze you and really cause procrastination. Whatever your desire, you can start where you are with what you have, and you can start today. Align your passion with what you’re already doing.


  • Surround yourself with passionate people – Passion begets passion. If you want to ignite your inner passion for success, then you must surround yourself with other people who have a passion for success as well. It is true that you become the average of the people you hang around. Do a quick assessment of your inner circle. Are they holding you back or are they encouraging you to go for your dreams? Do they tend to see the glass half full or half empty? Be sure you have a good balance of positive and passionate people holding you accountable to be the best you can be! These people will be honest with you and let you know when you’re going the wrong way.


  • Kick the bad habit – What is standing in your way? Your habits are obstacles, and they could be holding you back. If you have some bad habits or hang-ups that you need to kick to the curb, now is the time. Maybe you don’t have good morning or evening routines, maybe you have an addiction to nicotine, sugar, too much alcohol, or something else. Maybe you don’t have good sleep hygiene, or your weight is more than it should be. Maybe you haven’t exercised in a while, or you’re not drinking enough water. Whatever the bad habits, they cause negative self-talk and self-rejection. We feel beaten down and ultimately not in control of our life. If you are struggling with any habit that you feel has a power over you, you can decide to change that today. Get a coach, a counselor, a mentor, and take control back. You will be glad you did!


  • Remember your why – Why is it important for you to successfully achieve your goals and dreams? Your answer to why is the foundation for everything. It is said that “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” If you know why behind your passion, goals, healthy habits, and ultimately your day-to-day activities and hobbies, then you can find the strength to keep going. Understanding the power in your why can open your mind to a world of possibilities and motivate you to act. If you’re unsure of why you’re doing something, perhaps you may be doing the wrong thing. Your why explains the reason you are doing what you’re doing in the first place. Get clear on your why and you will ignite your passion.


Igniting your passion for a particular goal will give you the energy to take the necessary actions to achieve what you desire. Passion is the difference maker in why some people experience massive success and others don’t. Igniting your passion for your goals, dreams, and ultimately your purpose, is the motivation you will need to keep going, even in these unprecedented times.


Written By:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC


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