4 Points to Successfully Pivot

Pivot or Perish

Pivoting isn’t plan B, it’s a part of the process. It’s a change in the strategy, but it doesn’t change the vision. The term pivot is used mostly in basketball, as a play that can allow the player to escape a critical situation. It gives the player an option versus losing the ball. Essentially, they must pivot or risk failure. This is what we mean at I’ve Decided when we use the term “to pivot”.  We believe this is where many of us find ourselves going into 2021, companies and individuals alike. The environment is drastically different, and we should pivot to prevent our dreams and goals from dying.

To help you successfully pivot, here are 4 points you should know. 

  1. What does it mean to pivot? First, let’s be clear about what it’s not. Pivoting is not some random idea, or a change in your mission. Pivoting is a change in direction toward the already determined location. The destination is the same, how you get there may need to change. Pivoting isn’t plan B, it’s a part of the success process. In other words, it’s a change in the strategy, but it doesn’t change vision. Pivoting is a sudden turn you must take because of the change in your environment, new information, or a critical situation. It is an offensive move to achieve what you desire. The word pivot is mostly used in the game of basketball and allows the player to have a shot at making the basket instead of potentially losing the ball.
  2. Why should you pivot? Like the basketball player, in life, whether it be personal or business, at some point, we find ourselves in a tricky or critical situation. It can come upon us rapidly and out of nowhere. When this happens, we have a short period of time to make some quick decisions that will keep our mission and vision alive. When you pivot, it puts you in a better position and allows you to keep moving towards your goal. In many cases, it protects you from failure or losing your focus. Pivoting is not a bad thing; it is necessary for success. It gives you opportunity during a turbulent time that could otherwise sabotage your outcome.
  3. The pain of pivoting! When something happens (and it will) that forces you to make a sudden change, it can be very painful. Change is hard for everyone! It feels different than what you are accustomed to and adds more pressure to your current situation. It appears to be risky because you are feeling vulnerable knowing you don’t have much time to make some really quick decisions that will impact not only yourself, but those you serve. Like the basketball player, the team is counting on you to execute your pivot successfully. That’s a heavy load to carry and can cause you to question your ability. The pain is real!
  4. How to pivot. To pivot, you must be willing. You must trust your instincts and recognize your abilities, knowledge, and desire. How many times do you think the basketball player practice the pivot move before a game? Being ready for any sudden changes you will need to take is imperative. A valuable point in how to pivot is to recall your training. Remember you’re an expert and be confident in your experience. Pivoting is a chance to grow and find new opportunities amid uncertainties. The definition of pivot is to turn or rotate on a central point. What is your central point? You must stay connected to that. Finally, you will need to incorporate others. The basketball player must shoot or pass the ball once he has pivoted. He needs help from his team to make that rapid decision. The other players are usually waving or shouting direction to help with the choice. Incorporate those you trust to help you.

In the game of basketball, the player has only a second or two to make the decision to pivot, and then once his other foot hits the ground, he has 3 steps to shoot or pass the ball. When it’s time for a pivot play in your life, it’s not time to sit and ponder about it for too long. It’s time to make a change, readjust, and go for it. To pivot is crucial for success. Where do you need to pivot in your life to achieve the goals and dreams you desire?


Written by Kim Martin

Founder of I’ve Decided, INC – A personal development company


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