4 Reasons why envisioning will help you create the future you desire

What you envision, you can achieve. There is power in imagining your future self and visualizing what you desire becoming a reality. When you envision what will be, it helps you create and make an action plan for success. Here are 4 Reasons why envisioning will help you create the future you desire.

  1. You will gain clarity You must decide exactly what it is you want to accomplish. The first step toward clarity of goals is to start with envisioning what you want your future to look like. Don’t worry about how at this point, just get clear on what. When you know what you want your future to be like, you need to determine why it’s important. It’s virtually possible to envision a successful future if you don’t understand why you need to get where you want to go. When you take time to envision your future, exactly what it is you desire, and why it’s important, you will gain the clarity you need to set goals and achieve success.
  2. It helps you to consider the reality There is a difference between dreaming and envisioning. Dreaming allows you to some what pretend what the future can be. When you envision, it requires you to consider the reality of what will happen based on the decisions you’re making today. To envision means to mentally picture the outcome of something. Envisioning your future allows you to get a visual of the reality of what will be based on the choices you are making now.
  3. It gives you something to focus on – Envisioning your future gives you something to focus on. Practicing the discipline today to get what you want tomorrow, can be painful. By envisioning the success you desire and focusing on how you will feel once you achieve your goal, will alleviate some of the pain of discipline in the here and now.
  4. It creates a mental snapshot and gives you a visual image you can imagine– When you envision your future outcome, it gives you a mental picture or snapshot of what is to come. It helps you to keep your eye on the prize so to speak. To envision how you will look, feel, behave, helps you create an image of what you want to see. When you keep this visual in close view, it helps you to make the choices today that will give you the future you desire.

Our mind is a powerful tool, and we should not underestimate how imagination can impact our future self. When you envision the future that you desire, you create mental scenes and new patterns of behavior. To envision is a significant step in the process of success. It allows you to feel and see what can be based on the actions you take today.

Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC

3 thoughts on “4 Reasons why envisioning will help you create the future you desire

  1. It will take a lifetime to thankyou for what I have learned and am learning and this is also applied with my
    incomparable success coach Kurt White, the proof will be in seeing the end result and Kurt and I can’t wait!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Terry. It’s an honor being your Success Partner, and it couldn’t have happened without Kim and the I’ve Decided community.

  2. I am a visual learner so imagining what my nonprofit will function and look like is so thrilling to me, it makes me keep doing the grinding work to figure out how to get there. I think this year I am going to draw some pictures or make that vision board so I can see it daily as motivation! Thank you for the encouragement Kim!

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