6 Ways to Practice Patience

Patience is not just a behavior you can simply decide to have. It requires opportunities for you to practice being patient so that you can strengthen this important mental muscle, also known as a virtue. A sure sign that you are on the right path to success is when you are actively practicing patience. Here are 6 ways you can practice patience daily.

 Stay calm – Focus on staying calm when you experience a delay, or an unexpected change in plans. Our first knee-jerk instinct is to react before thinking things through. When we practice tolerating things, we cannot change or that is out of our control, it becomes more of a habit, in time, to behave with a calmer and more patient demeanor.

 Wait – Are you willing to wait for things you want? It seems in today’s world; we want what we want, and we want it now. Don’t forget the phrase, “Good things come to those who wait.” However, waiting does not mean doing nothing. It simply means, we keep working, moving forward with a good attitude, and waiting on what we hope for. We are reminded of the Bible verse in Galatians 6:9, Let us not grow weary for in due season, we will reap what we sow if we do not give up. Practice waiting, whether it’s waiting in a line, putting off making a purchase until you have the cash, or waiting patiently at a red light.

 Set goals – Work on setting goals and stick with them until they are completed. There is no better practice of self-control and patience then when you have set a goal that requires you to do something difficult or that you would rather not do. Maybe you need to put more video content out, spend time writing your book, or make the time to go to the gym. Whatever it is, remember the emotion follows the action. You most likely will not feel like doing what it is you should do to achieve your goal, but once you make the first step and act, the emotion will follow.

 Be prepared – Do something now that will help you in the future. Remember, success happens when preparation meets opportunity. What is the task or thing that just keeps nagging at you on the daily? It may seem like putting off the difficult things you need to do is buying you more time and saving you hardship, but it could not be further from the truth. Procrastination robs your time and steals your joy. Peace happens when your actions align with what you know you should do, and you make time to prepare for your future success.

 Accept things – Inevitably, there are going to be things that happen beyond your control. If you spin your wheels wasting time on what you cannot change, you will lose sight of what is important. Learning to give grace and be more understanding is a wonderful way to practice being more patient. Have a sense of humor and learn to laugh at the small things. If you have your faith and your family, isn’t everything else really a small thing anyway?

 Be gentle – Be kind and gentle with yourself when you make mistakes. Be gentle with others when they make mistakes and be quick to forgive. Handle differences with care and work to not judge someone because they do not have the same beliefs as you. This does not mean we should act as a doormat or not stand for our personal values; it simply means, act with grace, love, and show kindness. A great way to practice this is in our everyday lives on social media. When you get ready to share “your opinion” or blast an idea you do not agree with, consider your followers or friends, how will they feel? Would it be offensive to someone who may not share your same ideas? When it has to do with you, choose peace and be gentle.

Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC


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