6 Characteristics of a Steadfast Person


Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? But how do you know if your works are good or fulfilling your life’s purpose? We did some research and found there are certain characteristics that people who are steadfast have. The great news is they are all learned behaviors. So, don’t be too upset if you are lacking in any of them. You can always improve and become more steadfast with practice and coaching.

Peace of Mind – People who are steadfast tend to live out loud, meaning they have nothing to hide. This doesn’t mean they are perfect in their ways or they haven’t made plenty of mistakes. It simply means they are willing to share their experiences to help others learn from the mistakes they have made. The peace of mind comes from knowing they are doing the best they can to live by example and to be the best they can be. Again, not perfect, but aiming for perfection.

Unwavering Integrity– Consistent behavior is a sure sign of a steadfast person. They have unwavering integrity, they are honest, and they are trustworthy. You can count on them to do what they say are going to do. They show up. They’re not a yes person or people pleaser, but their yes means yes, and their no means no.

Confident – The type of confidence that describes a person who is steadfast in their ways doesn’t come from the clothes they wear, the house they live in, on anything from outward appearance. It is an internal self-assurance of knowing they were created with a purpose in mind. They know they are perfectly loved by a heavenly father no matter what trials they face or how other people may treat them. They are forward thinking and have no need to take any credit. They have a servant heart.

Willing to speak up – A person who is steadfast in their beliefs is not afraid to share their thoughts. They speak up with passion and conviction even when their opinion may not win the popular vote. They stand up to their adversaries, not out of anger or hateful intent, but with kindness and love. Additionally, they understand when not to speak up. Their intent is never to hurt anyone or to offend anyone.

Determined – You will never meet a more determined person then one who is steadfast. They persevere in trials, and they are focused. They may fall, but they get back up. They realize that a mistake is a disappointment, not disaster. They lead with heart and grit, and understand they were born for success in whatever they are purposed to do.

Collaborative – Anyone who is steadfast, prefers to work collaboratively than alone. It’s not that they can’t work alone, it’s that they understand the benefits of teamwork. People who are steadfast works well with others, they’re supportive of others, and they contribute. They are difference makers and they love seeing others succeed.

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