6 Steps to Tap into More!

There is very interesting data that says no one ever taps into their maximum potential. Your mind is ever-changing and ever-learning, and so this means there’s always more! No matter where you are or what your level of success may be today, there is good evidence that shows you can always do more. If this is true, then the question you should ask yourself isn’t how I can tap into more, but do I want to tap into more? The reality is our own human nature causes us to stifle our success and our dreams. It could be out-right laziness, mediocrity, or the trap of our comfort zone. Is this happening to you? Do you know deep in your soul there is more for you, but you’re holding your own self back by not taking any action, or taking the necessary steps you need to elevate yourself? Ask yourself again, this time say it out loud, “Do I want to tap into more?” If your answer is yes, then keep reading this article and learn the things you can do to tap into more. If your answer is no, keep doing what you’re doing. At least you’ll keep getting what you already have. Could be worse, right?!

If you’re ready to tap into more and maximize your potential, read on…

1-Decide what you want– What do you want? Do you want more financial freedom? A promotion at work or a career change? Do you want to open your own your own home, open a business, write a book, or become a speaker? Are you ready to quit a bad habit, lose the weight, or run your first 5K? Whatever it is you desire; you must shift your mind set from I WANT to I’VE DECIDED. The difference in the verbiage is everything. I want is a desire, it’s weak and optional. I’ve Decided is firm, it’s a decision, it’s ownership.

2-Remember to dream big– The sky is the limit. One of the critical areas of success is simply not dreaming big enough. It’s easy to drift off in an idea of what if, but what I’m asking you is to dream a big dream. Think bigger. Envision yourself at the top of your game and the impact you could make. What life experience do you have that others don’t. What legacy do you want to leave? What is your dream life? You can have it, but you must not be afraid to dream big. More importantly, you must be willing to do the work and persevere until you see your dream come to fruition.

3-Assess your situation-Where are you now? What action can you take right now today based on where you are and the resources you have. If you are following this article, then in step 2 you know we ask you to dream big. This is where you will need to determine what the first step you can take to move toward your big dream should be. Maybe you have decided to buy your own home. Your first step may be to get on a budget and pay off some debt. This is where you would start. What resources do you have available to you at this moment in time to help you successfully achieve this goal first.

4-Determine what needs to change in your life– If you’re going to get something that you don’t already have now, something will have to change. It’s like the definition of insanity, if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result. If you want to maximize your potential and tap into more, something will need to change. Using the example above about getting on a budget to pay off debt, if buying a home is what you desire, you may need to change your spending habits. If you spend money eating out every day, then maybe you could take your lunch to work and save $30-$40 per week. Imagine how fast you could get a credit card paid off putting an extra $200 towards it per month. The change you’re focusing on would be not eating out. When you focus on the change, the result you’re looking for will follow.

5-Re-program your brain-Your brain can work against you when it comes to dreaming big and achieving your goals. You could be self-sabotaging. Your brain’s job is to make sure you stay alive and to keep you comfortable. Considering that your big dreams and success are most likely outside of your comfort zone, you can see the problem already. Remember, your brain is like a computer, it only knows what has been programmed into it. Some of the information is good, and some of it is bad. You must re-program your brain with new and correct information. The only way to do this is to reject the lies that your brain tries to tell you and replace it with the truth. Let’s call it R & R – Reject and Replace. Example; Let’s say you’ve decided to write a book. After a while when you’ve been writing and now you’re tired, or you have writer’s block, you’re brain (that wants to keep you comfortable) will say to you, “Why are you doing this anyway, nobody is going to read it!.” That’s the lie you must reject. So, you say out-loud, “That’s not true!” Then, you say out-loud, “I have years of experience in this area and what I know could help others!” This is the truth you replace it with. If you’re going to tap into more and target your maximum potential, you must learn to re-program your brain. Reject the lies and replace it with the truth.

6-Invest in yourself-There is no better investment you can make then to invest in yourself. The most successful people in the world invest at least 10-15% of their income into their personal growth. This is the best insurance you can buy to always be improving and targeting your maximum potential. It’s not always money. It can be time, talent, or treasure. One great way to tap into more is to hire a Success Coach. A Coach will provide you with accountability, expert advice, motivation, support, and help you see things clearly. A good Coach will earn you money, not cost you money. Never be afraid to invest in what will help you maximize your potential.

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