Being benevolent is easier than you think!

Sometimes we can over think being benevolent. When you think of giving more of your time away, it can feel like an added stress in an already busy life. Likewise, giving more money, can feel like a financial burden in an already strapped budget. It doesn’t have to be that way. Showing kindness with these 3 small gestures, is the simplest form of being benevolent, and all it takes is a willing heart.

At I’ve Decided, we’ve made it as easy as 1. 2. 3.

ONE-Smile – Smiling signals friendliness and encourages other people. There is power in a smile and it’s the simplest form of being benevolent. Why is smiling benevolent? Simply stated, it makes the person you’re smiling at feel liked. It forces them to smile back, which has a positive effect on their psyche. When you offer someone your genuine smile, it makes a difference. It’s that easy!

TWO-A warm hug – A hug could be the exact thing that someone needs right now. Without even knowing it, you could be changing the life of that person. Maybe they’ve had the worst day possible, and you have been the angel that lights up their day. You can change the day, the week, the month, or the life of another person simply by giving him or her a hug. A warm hug is a great way to be benevolent.

THREE-A friendly handshake – The most recent studies show, not only do handshakes reinforce positive feelings about a stranger, but they also reduced the potential negative impression of a first encounter. Many of our social interactions may go wrong for one reason or another, but a simple friendly handshake preceding them can give a boost, and negate the negative effects possibly associated with them. In another study, the handshake lights up the brain associated with rewards. How cool is that?! When you offer someone a friendly handshake, you make them feel like they’re being rewarded. What a great way to be benevolent.

At I’ve Decided, our purpose is to help you achieve your goals and dreams whatever they may be, so we wanted to give you 3 simple ways you can start being benevolent today. We encourage you to take the benevolent challenge this week by giving away smiles, hugs, and handshakes every chance you get!


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