Add an individual business resource program to your community membership for an additional $135mo.+ one time only joining fee of  $135. A business with employees add an additional $10mo. per employee up to 100 employees. Customized programs available for companies with more than 100 employees.

  • Business Resource Sponsorship available.
  • Membership is for minimum of 12mo.

Business Resource Program includes:

  • A business resource table at all three Motivational & Leadership Conferences.
  • Business networking on 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month 8:30 to 10am.
  • Business resource page on our website.
  • Two tickets to end of year Success Gala.
  • Discounts on meeting room rentals at our resource center, The Garden.
  • Business hours co-working space at The Garden.
  • Employees have community membership and access to all benefits.

Our Mission is Your Success!

Like a puzzle, being successful requires many pieces connected to be complete. I've Decided is the only place you can get all the pieces you need to achieve your goals and dreams in one place. 

Support, accountability, motivation, inspiration, education, information, tools, resources, and most importantly the right mindset!

The only piece of the success puzzle missing is YOU!

Take the first step towards achieving your goals and dreams today by joining our community.

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