I’ve Decided: Host Andy Thornton & guest Evan Jenkins – Aptitude

Listen in as the host Andy Thornton talks with Evan Jenkins about this weeks, weekly winning word, aptitude!

Aptitude in simple terms is your ability to learn skills. There is a reason the quote, “attitude is aptitude” became famous. If you are going to improve your aptitude, you must first change your attitude. Anything can be improved upon with the right mindset, focus, and a lot of handwork. In fact, research suggests that the average human can do 40% more than they think they can. Guess what? You are a human, and that means that you are capable of doing more than you think you can. The question is, how are you tapping into your fullest potential? By changing your mindset, you can increase your aptitude, your capabilities.

I’ve Decided: Host Kim Martin & guest Julie Gray – Sharpen

Listen in as the host Kim Martin talks with Julie Gray about this weeks, weekly winning word, sharpen.

To sharpen means to improve. How are you improving your skills, tools, and resources? What you do on a regular basis is either sharpening you and making you stronger or dulling you and weakening your abilities. Your daily habits can become so ritual that you don’t even recognize them as bad or good, you just do them without even thinking. This is a serious issue that plagues our society because habits determine outcome. There are personal habits that will dull your skills and those that will sharpen your skills. Being intentional about what you choose to do will help you be your best self and increase your odds of achieving your goals and dreams. Take time to improve yourself!

I’ve Decided: Host Andy Thornton & guest Kim Martin – Heedful

Listen in as the host Andy Thornton talks with Kim Martin about this weeks, weekly winning word, heedful!

When you think of being heedful, what does it bring to your mind? You may think of being considerate, thoughtful, careful, or cautious. All of these are practices that would definitely describe being heedful. When you are giving your full attention to something, or being heedful, you are more focused and more capable of staying on track. Ideas and opportunities can come on very quickly, and you must pay close attention to recognize them. Heedful people are more successful than those who aren’t because of this. They are fully engaged allowing them to make the most of every experience and to be clear about what they should and shouldn’t do.

I’ve Decided: Host Kim Martin & guest Bobby Taylor – Humanity

Tune in now to listen to our host Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided and her guest Bobby Taylor, Owner of Mid-Illinois Companies as they discuss why we lose faith in humanity, what happens when we do, and how to restore it.

It seems the phrase, “I’m losing faith in humanity”, is being heard more and more these days. Why do you suppose that is? Human beings and our human nature verses nurture is so complicated, it’s hard to pinpoint just one answer. The truth is, it’s a complicated mix of all sorts of things. However, there are a couple of factors that are clear about why someone would lose faith in humanity. One is, so much negativity happening in the world at once, and the other is personal experience and interactions with individuals who are feeling the same. You might say, “It’s a vicious cycle.”

Even with all that is happening, we shouldn’t give up hope on ourselves or others. We must take responsibility for our own self-improvement and development and take responsibility for helping the people in our sphere of influence as well. While this may seem like a task too difficult to accomplish, it is possible.