Passion Drives Purpose – Dr. Marcus Belin

Passion Drives Purpose

Passion is one of the most important drivers of purpose. With passion, your purpose becomes a personal commitment to creating positive change and the ability to achieve sustainable results and goals. Ultimately, passion becomes a catalyst for living a fulfilled life. Dr. Belin tells the story of his journey in education. Being a fifth-generation educator, he has found how his passion for leading educators and creating learning environments where young people can succeed has created a movement of positivity and hope

 About the Speaker: Dr. Marcus Belin serves as the Principal of Huntley High School, National Association of Secondary School Principals  Board Member, and Immediate Past President of the Illinois Principals Association. Recently Dr. Belin was awarded the 2021 National Association of Secondary School Principals Digital Principal of the Year and was named to the Class of 2021 ASCD International Emerging Leader.

Dr. Belin is a motivational speaker who has reached over 5,000 school leaders and educators in the past 3 years and the host of Unapologetic Leadership, a podcast designed to tell and share the stories of leadership and the passion behind the work of being an educator. He is passionate about creating learning environments that foster social-emotional support for kids, leveraging the integration of technology to expose kids to the world around them, motivating educators, and challenging the status quo of education.

He is an alum of Bradley University, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and National Louis University for his doctorate.

Dr. Belin is the husband of an amazing wife, Monique, and a father to 3 beautiful children, who keep life exciting and active.

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