3 Pillars for Your Success – Bill Gombert

Power Session: 3 Pillars for Your Success

Success is hard.  It is made more complicated because we all define success a bit differently and are surrounded by the typical “money = success” so we should just do what the wealthiest 1% do and we’ll be successful!  But that’s not really true, is it?

The 3 Pillars I discuss are 100% within your control.  We will talk about Mindset, People, and Education: what they mean and what you can do to strengthen them in your life.  The world won’t have changed by the time you leave this speech, but you might.

 About the Speaker: Bill Gombert is currently Director of Strategic Accounts for Belcan Engineering—a Global Engineering Services firm.  Having held positions in engineering, operations leadership, and sales, he has worked with executives at Fortune 100 companies to find solutions to their challenges and has led teams as large as 250 people.  He leverages his experiences along with his appetite for learning to educate and brainstorm with others to accelerate their success.Bill authored his first book in Project Management when he was 26, has a Project Management Professional certification, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University and an MBA from The University of IL.  He gives back to the community by teaching entrepreneurship through Junior Achievement at local elementary schools.

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