5 Questions to answer that will help you get a clear vision and a decisive direction in life.

A life of fulfillment doesn’t just happen. If you float along going with the flow without some clear direction of where you are going, you most likely will not end up where you wanted to be. It takes a clear vision and a decisive direction if you want to achieve your deepest desires. Every one of us have something we know we should do, something more than what we are doing now. It’s why we were created. Deep in our soul, there is a burning desire to keep learning, keep growing, and ultimately fulfilling our purpose.

Identifying, acknowledging, and taking decisive action on your true purpose and passion in life is the most important thing you can do for success. Your goals should align with your purpose and passion.

To get a clear vision of where you want to go and have a decided (decisive) mindset that you are going to get there no matter what, we have compiled five important questions to help you get started.

If you feel you are already living a life of your true passion and purpose, and that your goals completely align with that, then you can still do a self-check to make sure you haven’t gotten off track.

“5 Questions to answer that will help you get a clear vision and a decisive direction in life.”


1.How do you know what you should do?

It all starts with your childhood. Think about your parents, or your biggest influences in your life. The values that were instilled in you, the environment you were surrounded in. The good and the bad, neither are by chance. Every experience you have been a part of since you were born will be used to the good for your purpose. Remember what you loved to do as a child or what you would dream about doing one day when you grew up. What were your disadvantages in life and what were the advantages? These factors play a huge role in understanding your natural gifts, talents, and the things that make you happy. Consider the first job you ever had or the influences of the people in your life as you started to become a young adult. The mistakes you made big and small and what you learned from them. Where did you go to school and who did you hang around? Your life story is the biggest clue as to what your purpose is. As you ponder your past and how it led you to where you are now, think about what tends to come easy for you. What sparks a fire in your soul? What do you think you’re good at and what do other people say you’re good at? Do not leave anything out because it all matters when it comes to what you were put here to do.

2.When and where do you start?

The answer to this question is very simple but complex at the same time. The simple answer is start right now with what you have and where you are. Albeit simple, it can be very scary too. Maybe what you know you should be doing requires resources you don’t have, or where you are isn’t the dream place of where you want to be. Maybe you feel like your life isn’t in the right order to make any changes needed, or the time just isn’t right. The truth is the time will never really feel perfect. You just have to start. Keep it simple. Think of one small step you can make in the right direction. If you are a big dreamer and visionary, it can be hard to scale your idea back and start small. But, if you wait until everything is aligned perfectly, you will never start. Decide today, that you are going to start right now, where you are, and with what you have.

3.What does it take?

It takes courage, faith, and determination. What does your best life look like? Allow yourself to dream and envision the future with you doing exactly what you want to do. The old saying that you don’t work a day in your life if you are doing what you love may sound like a nice idea, but don’t fall in the trap of thinking that your purpose won’t take a lot of hard work. You will most likely work harder than you have ever worked. The factor that makes it all worth it though is knowing you are doing what you were born to do. You will have to dig down and find the courage on most days to keep going, believing that you will have the provision needed, and with a determination that can not be swayed. It takes fierce perseverance and a will to succeed no matter what.

4.Who is it for?

Although your purpose can’t be achieved without you, it is not about you. A great way to look at this is to consider that your purpose is a part of God’s mission to save the world. Wow, soak that in for a moment. Now, we know that God really doesn’t need us. He can certainly do whatever He pleases without the help of any of us, but He chooses to involve us in His work. Isn’t that amazing?! That is, if we accept His request. The absolute perfect beauty of working in your purpose is, although it’s ultimately not about you, you recognize immediately that what makes you the most fulfilled is when you are helping and contributing to the success of others. Your purpose and most fulfilled life will always be about who you are serving.

5.Why is it important?

What difference will it make if you fulfill your purpose or not? This is a deep thoughtful question that may take some time to answer. Consider this; wouldn’t it be a waste of your life, all that you have learned, and all that you have overcome if you didn’t do something with the knowledge you have? It is also good to recognize that if you don’t fulfill your passion and purpose that it will not get done. It’s true. There is no one else who can do what you were put here to do, but you. That should give you a sense of urgency. This life we have on earth is so short. There is no time to waste. The people who God has entrusted you to impact and make a difference in their life need you to take your purpose seriously.


As you think about these questions and evaluate your current state in living a life decided and determined to achieve your purpose, be sure you don’t get caught in the trap of convenience and the “easy life”.  Although life has its moments of comfort and ease, life is hard. We should always be working towards new goals that align with our purpose and passion and working towards being a better version of ourselves today than we were yesterday. Work in general is hard and tiring. It is not comfortable. Challenge yourself to recognize when you’re stuck in a comfort zone and take initiative to move out of that place. Remember, when your actions align with what you know you should be doing, it brings you an inner peace. Peace does not mean easy.


Written by: Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC


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