Sabra Maurice

Weekly group coaching with Sabra – Monday’s at 4pm CST

After 25 years working with people in multiple settings as a master degree level counselor and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, I trained more holistically in the recent years as a master level energy healer, hypnotherapist, ordained minister, and sound healer. I want to integrate all this knowledge, experience, and skills to coach you. I want to personally teach you what I’ve learned to help you succeed in you’re personal life. I believe it comes from the inside out and through a mind, body, spirit, and energetic approach.  I know what has worked for a multitude of people including myself through life’s journey. I want to help you move through, be happy, healthy, and enjoy your life. I’m wanting to encourage you, show you tools and ways to create feeling good weather you want to manage stress, emotions, thinking, change a habit or behavior, improve relationships, cope with grief or a medical concern.  Any personal goal, connect with me to lead you there and give you hope. Anything is possible lets follow your dreams together.

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