Molly Crusen Bishop is a 5th generation, lifelong Peoria County resident. She is married to Douglas Bishop, and they have 5 children, one son-in-law, and 3 precious grandchildren. She grew up on Peoria’s West Bluff, in the home her Irish great grandparents built in 1885.

She is the 9th child of a 9th child, coming from a long line of large Irish Catholic families. Her parents, Don Crusen and Joani Needham Crusen were raised here in Peoria during the Great Depression and are big influences in her life and shaped her love for community and passion for history.

Molly is a local writer, having written two books, (working on 3rd book called 100 Things To Do In Peoria Before You Die, currently contracted with a publishing company from St. Louis, called Reedy Press and will be launched in the fall this year. She has written for over 8 magazines, currently as a contributor for Peoria Magazine, and Construction Beauty Magazine.

She looks forward to serving others and growing in the I’ve Decided Community. Several years ago I saw a vision of being a life Coach and helping others, and I continued being busy in life, knowing one day it would happen but not exactly when.

I watched my friend Kurt White become a success partner at I’ve Decided and observed how much he blossomed as a person. His journey peaked my interest, and I couldn’t believe how much success he was having using the amazing gifts God gave to him to help others grow! I saw his authentic confidence, and his ability to give speeches that inspired so many people. He planted another seed from the vision I had had many years before that began to bloom a bit later.

Fast forward another year, and I asked God, God what is next for me? This phrase entered my mind, “Humble yourself, and decide to join I’ve Decided!”  The vision he planted would come to life! The next day I joined I’ve Decided with Cindy Byrd as my success partner! One of the many goals I set to accomplish was to become a coach for I’ve Decided. Applying the pieces of the puzzle have helped me accomplish many dreams/goals, and working with Cindy and Kim, using the workbook, networking have prepared me quite extensively.

Personal Development is an investment into self-care, and as a professional. It’s changed the trajectory of my life, and I would love to be your coach, and help you accomplish your goals and dreams!


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