Jenny Carlson

Weekly group coaching with Jenny – Tuesday’s at 11:30am

Finding our greatest self, which brings our greatest success is Jenny’s passion.  As a community we uplift, encourage and stand together. Jenny is a Realtor® and supervising agent for Edie West Realty Group, LLC. Jenny’s education in psychology, experience as a small business consultant, and 16 years as a real estate assistant company has equipped her with extensive experience, knowledge and know-how. Jenny’s transaction company, StreamLine Agents, Inc., is also an approved Texas continuing education provider.

A strong commitment for Godly values, diligence, and strong ethics have guided the journey. Jenny continues that commitment today, using all her skill and knowledge to walk that journey with her client’s, as they make their dreams come true.

Texas born, Jenny grew up with the strong, self-reliant spirit of independence and liberty, tempered with a helping hand and the friendliness Texans have been known for. In Texas, “a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.” This foundation brings us to this moment where your success partner is extending that helping hand to share the journey to your dreams and success – whatever that may be.

Come join the community of friends and let’s get started!

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