Weekly group coaching with Cindy – Wednesday’s at 1pm EST, Noon CST, 11am MST, 10apm PST

Cindy has devoted her work as an educator, speaker, and thinking partner to helping people optimize the potential of their image.  While some people believe image is strictly about how a person looks, Cindy believes it’s much more – we must learn, practice, and live these essential qualities – Integrity, Mindfulness, Authenticity, Growth, and Enlightenment.  Image is an “inside job”- who you are on the inside directly influences how you “show up” on the outside and how you lead your life.  Values and beliefs influence thinking and shape character, which in turn influence choices, decisions, and behavior; as well as, how and what we communicate – whether openly or unintentionally.  Cindy firmly believes when quality of thinking improves so does quality of character and the quality of the experiences you create for others – all of which influence your success in achieving desired goals and outcomes.

People often need a little help, however, examining the quality of their thinking in order to recognize mindsets and blind spots that may prevent them from bringing their best selves to the world.  Cindy calls these “fatal” distractions because they may “kill” the ability to build relationships and achieve goals; as your Success Partner, she’ll inspire you to new ways of thinking and insight that will increase your self-awareness and real-time mindfulness.  In the process, Cindy will help you lead more authentically, build credibility, communicate with presence, and express your distinction.

Through her business, Image Potential, Cindy specializes in leadership and organizational development, service delivery, brand development and analysis, and communication skills.  As an I’ve Decided preferred speaker, she teaches presentation skills and public speaking through the Take the Stage and Master My Message programs.  Her background includes 10 years as a manager, 18 years as a business owner, and 15 years as a business professor.  Cindy serves on the board of directors for Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois and on the Friends of the ICC Arboretum Advisory Board, as president of the Town & Country Gardeners of Washington, and as chair of the Ways and Means Committee for Chapter HG of P.E.O., an organization that provides scholarship and financial assistance for women.  She embraces this quote by Maya Angelou: “When you learn, teach; when you get, give.”

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