Ready… Set… Budget!

Apply the DECIDE method to living on a budget. Hear an amazing success story and get excited about how having a budget within your means and the envelope system can get you on the path to ultimately being debt free!  Speakers:Kim Martin, Vickie Streitmatter, and Angie Ogburn.

Vickie knows how it feels to have a large amount of debt and the stress that comes with that burden. Ten years ago, Vickie and her husband found themselves spending more than they were making, they wanted out of the debt and out of the mess they were in. So, they developed a plan, lived on a budget, sacrificed, paid off all their debt and have continued to live debt free for 8 years now. Vickie uses the knowledge gained on that journey to guide others to pay attention, live on a budget, pay off debt, and to enjoy the freedom living with a plan and being debt free provides.

Kim is the creator of the DECIDED Method, “A 6 Step Behavior Change Methodology that works!”  She recently published the second  edition of her book by the same title.  She is passionate about seeing people achieve their dreams and goals and is committed to offering guidance and resources to our community. Kim has been a Curves owner for over 20 years. She has extensive training in Fitness, Nutrition, and Behavior Management. She understands the struggle of being overweight, and has personally lost almost 80 pounds. Her years of coaching thousands of women and certifications have helped her understand what it takes to live a healthy life.