Three Habits Holding You Back from Improving your Aptitude

In the simplest terms, aptitude is your capabilities. It’s the extent of your ability to do something, at least at this moment. The good news is, you can work on your abilities and improve upon your current capacity. Your ability is not maxed out, there is always more. In fact, research shows that humans can do 40% more than we think we can, but it takes work.

The phrase, “attitude is aptitude”, is true! The reason is because your attitude will determine just how much your aptitude will increase. Your mindset controls the outcome of nearly everything in your life. So, change your mindset then and all will be well, right? It’s not that easy. There are habits in your life you’re so accustomed to you don’t even recognize them as a stumbling block to your growth. A better phrase then is, “to change your attitude, change your habits!”

There are three major habits that could be holding you back from increasing your aptitude let’s look at what they are.

“Three Habits Holding You Back from Improving your Aptitude”


1. What you speak –

Words have the power to speak life or death over things. This may sound extreme, but it is most definitely true. What you say can have either a positive or negative impact in your life. For example, using negative phrases like, “I can’t, or I have to, instead of positive phrases like, “I can do what I decide to, or I get to” can make a difference in your attitude and mind set. Derogatory words can be harmful to ourselves and to others. Words have a powerful force. They have an energy and power with the ability to help, harm, hinder, heal, or humiliate. It is so important that we choose words wisely and speak words that are inspirational, uplifting, encouraging, and kind to all.

2. What you think –

Your thoughts are the key component of your mindset. What goes on in your mind is responsible for nearly everything that takes place in your life. The predominant thoughts, the ones you have on repeat, influence your choices and attitude, affect what you do and how you respond, and most importantly, mold your reality. One of the best disciplines you can practice is taking hold of your thoughts and with discipline aligning them with what you desire most and what is true. If you don’t practice being in control of your thoughts, your feelings will take over and control what you think. This can cause a negative impact in your life. What you think matters more than you realize.

3. What you do –

If your actions don’t align with the goals and dreams you desire most, you will find yourself always disappointed. The choices you make today will determine your outcome for tomorrow. Procrastination will zap your energy and drain your motivation. Remember, the emotion follows the action. Most of the time, you won’t feel like doing what you need to do, but if you just do it, you will be glad you did. It is very important to have a clear vision of where you want to go to avoid distractions. These are things that seem good, but really nothing that will move you in the direction you want to go. If you have an action plan that is loyal to your end goal, you will be able to see the opportunities that come along and distinguish them between things that don’t really matter for your success. Align what you do with what you want. It changes everything.

When you change what you speak, what you think, and what you do, you change your mindset. Changing your mindset, will change your results.


Article Written By:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.

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