“Four things to keep an ebullient mindset”

It is no secret that we live in the age of technology and information. Albeit there are many pros about having this data at our fingertips, there are also many cons. One major downside to “news at the click of a button” is our human brain is not equipped to absorb and successfully process at the levels we are exposed to. Facts and opinions start to intermingle and suddenly, we don’t even know what is true or what to believe anymore. This situation breeds low morale, zaps our energy, and causes even the most positive people to be more negative. This is a serious issue because the world does not need more negative things or negative people. The world needs more ebullient people to make a positive impact.

If you are ebullient, you are cheerful, full of energy, and have a love for life. In today’s culture, these qualities are hard to come by. Wherever you turn, there’s something else bad happening. At least that’s how it feels. The truth is bad things have always happened. Remember Hitler? Evil has existed since the beginning of mankind; it’s just now we have a front row seat to every single bad thing that is happening on every inch of the planet. Never in history have we been exposed to this much negativity at the levels we are today. We aren’t saying that being informed is a bad thing but being overly informed doesn’t come without its challenges. One challenge is trying to stay joyful and positive amid all the bad we are absorbing and trying to process.

As one person, you may feel like you can’t make a difference, but you can! At least for now, you can still DECIDE what you expose yourself to and how much of all that is going on in our world you take in. While it is true to remain ebullient in these times will be difficult, it is possible if you are intentional about protecting yourself from as much negativity as you can.

Here are four things you can do to protect yourself from overexposure to negativity to help you stay more ebullient.


1. Spend time wisely –

You can’t control everything that is happening in the world today, but you can control you. It is critical that you avoid information overload and spending too much time absorbing negative news and people. You can stay well informed without constantly exposing yourself to every single news headline, gossiper, and influencer out there. Human beings aren’t equipped to process this kind of information at such a rapid rate. It puts our emotions in overdrive and these hormones our body produces when in flight or fight mode can wreak havoc on our physical and mental health. To keep your mindset in a more positive place and be an all around more happier and health person, you must manage the time you spend absorbing negativity.

2. Recharge often –

There are so many of us feeling completely tapped out. Our morale is low, and we are zapped. It is so important that you are aware of this and allot time in your calendar to recharge often. By being aware of what empties your tank and what refills it will make a huge difference in how ebullient you are. People can zap you; events can zap you, and over stimulation can zap you, just to name a few. The key is to prioritize these things with what recharges you and gets your energy flowing. This could be rest, a positive person you love to be around, a fun social event, reading a good book or watching a good movie, exercise, meditating, or praying. By recognizing when your energy is zapped and knowing what you need to do to recharge, you will be able to keep a happier demeanor.

 3. Stay in your lane –

We are all proud of our opinions, aren’t we? It seems everyone has something to say about everything. This is so weird if you think about it. How do we all know so much about everything? Have we mentioned information overload? Here’s the issue, now that we can go to google and have any answer we want within seconds, this has caused some of us to get the wrong impression that we are now experts in all areas of knowledge and understanding. It is so easy to hop on a bandwagon. It’s exciting to be on a team. I mean, we must stand for something, right? Remember, the best teacher is experience. Experience makes an expert. What are your experiences and what have they taught you? This is your lane. When we start crossing over into areas of traffic, we have no experience in, the chances are we will crash and burn.

4. Focus on positive –

Now here’s a new thought. Lol, I bet you hear this somewhere every single day. “Just focus on the positive.” Sounds so easy, doesn’t it. What does this even mean? How can someone focus on being positive when there is so much bad happening. Do you know we can feel guilty for being happy and ebullient when we see other people dealing with so much pain? This is especially true for those of us who have more of an empathetic personality. Additionally, being positive can be relevant to everyone based on how they interpret the action. For some, being positive is about always looking on the bright side or seeing the cup half full, for others it’s not that simple. So then, what do we mean by focusing on the positive? In other words, focus on what you can change. Negativity breeds from people who are constantly complaining about things they don’t like, but they have no intention of helping make any difference or doing anything to alter the situation. They simply just want to make known what their opinion is regardless of whether they are fully informed or experienced in the matter at hand. Positivity breeds when people stay focused on what they know and what they can do something about. Being positive isn’t just about being the cheerleader, it’s about focusing on what you really have control to change based on your sphere of influence, your education and life experiences, and the work you’re willing to put forth. Otherwise, when you hear someone spouting their opinion and getting on every negative band wagon they can find, it’s like a squeaky wheel or a loud gong. It’s annoying and only puts out negative vibes. If you desire to be more ebullient and keep a zest for life, stay focused on the positive which are the things you have control over and the ability to change.


When you work to protect yourself from overexposure to negativity, you will be able to keep a more positive, cheerful, and joyous nature. You will be a more ebullient person capable of accomplishing the goals and dreams you desire.


Article written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided INC.


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