“5 Characteristics of Good Personal Boundaries”

The Webster dictionary defines physical boundaries as a wall or a barrier between two things. It can be like a fence that is intended to protect an area and keep people from entering onto private property. Emotional boundaries are similar in a sense that you are protecting your personal space.

Good personal boundaries are essential to your success because it protects you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Boundaries help you to build strong and lasting relationships. Boundaries are the limits that you have set on how you will be treated and what you will be exposed to, as well as what others can expect from you.

The key to good boundaries is making sure they are healthy and effective. If your boundaries are too rigid, you can come off as too harsh or not approachable. You can set healthy boundaries and still be a loving human being who people want to be around.

In this article we have clearly define the characteristics of good boundaries that will help you protect your personal space.

“5 Characteristics of Good Personal Boundaries”

Good personal boundaries are clear.

You will need to get clear on what it is you expect from yourself and from others. This will reduce any misunderstandings and give you confidence in the personal boundaries you set. Having clear expectations establishes what behaviors you will accept and what you will not.

Good personal boundaries are effective.

Effective boundaries are authentic to who you are. They are not created out of fear, shame, guilt, or worry. Limits are decisive but reasonable. Effective boundaries are based on what reality is and not what you or someone else has made it up to be.

Good personal boundaries have ramifications.

These are actions you will take if someone crosses your personal boundaries. You may have a conversation with someone to let them know and then if they do it again be clear about the steps you will take. Address violations early. You don’t want to wait until someone has repeatedly crossed the line. Don’t be vague when communicating your needs and expectations and what the consequences will be.

Good personal boundaries are respectful to others.

Good boundaries not only protect you, but others around you. They are meant to have a mutual respect for your needs as well as the needs of others. It’s a good idea to have conversations about good boundaries with the people you care about and the people you spend the most time with. Communication will prevent any resentment or unexpected negative reactions.

Good personal boundaries are not too rigid.

Don’t draw your boundaries in permanent ink. If your boundaries are too rigid or not flexible at all, it can cause problems. If your boundaries are too rigid it can isolate you and keep you from building closeness with others. The point of good boundaries isn’t to keep everyone out, it’s simply to create some guidelines in how you want to be treated as a person and to protect the things that are most important to you.

The more effective you are at setting and enforcing good boundaries, the better your relationships will be. A person with good boundaries is more likely to respect the boundaries of others. You will be seen as a person of good integrity and someone who is genuine. Additionally, good boundaries are essential for you to show up as your best self.


Article Written By:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.


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