“The 10 Attributes of Achievement”

In our I’ve Decided Community we like to use the analogy of putting a puzzle together to help people understand what it takes to be successful. A puzzle requires certain pieces connected to see the picture that it’s supposed to be. Success is much like a puzzle; you need certain things working together to stay the course of achieving the goals and dreams you desire. There are 10 pieces of the puzzle for success, and we have described them in this article as the 10 attributes of achievement.

1.Motivation –

The Webster Dictionary defines motivation as a force or influence that causes someone to do something. Some people believe that motivation is all about self-discipline and comes from within. Although it’s true that you can be a more motivated person by nature, it takes more than just your self determination to influence you to take massive action towards your goals. The motivation we speak of happens when you hear something that you already know and understand, but now you’ve heard it in a way that helps you relate to it on a personal basis. With this newfound clarity, you can see how it will help you. These a-ha moments create an urgency deep within and motivates you to keep going. This type of motivation must come from an outside source.

2.Inspiration –

Although like motivation, inspiration has a purpose of its own. If motivation is the force that moves you forward towards your goal, then inspiration is what helps you to believe you can achieve it. There is no better source of inspiration than a success story. When you come in contact or meet someone who has accomplished whatever it is that you desire to achieve, you can now see and be assured that success is possible. Being exposed to success stories is so important for you to achieve the goals and dreams you desire.


Support is to promote, uphold, or defend the interests or cause of. Did we mention that success is hard? It is, and without people encouraging you, cheering you on, and continuously confirming that you can achieve the success you desire, it will be even harder. The importance of a social support network in achieving your goals and dreams is critical no matter how big or small.

4.Accountability –

Accountability is a partnership between you and another person or group of people who have agreed to hold you responsible for the decisions you make. It can be a close friend, a coach, a mentor, a peer, or even a co-worker, but their role is to meet with you and hold you accountable to the goals that you have decided to achieve. You are responsible for giving them feedback, sharing your wins with them, as well as the challenges you are having. Having accountability will keep you focused, honest, and most importantly it will accelerate your success.

5.Tools –

Tools are those items that help make the work easier. When you set out to achieve a goal, there are things that can assist you and help you accomplish your task at a much faster time. Consider a scale if you are trying to lose weight, or calculator if you are making a budget. Tools provide you with a solution to lighten the workload. Having the right tools is imperative to your success.

6.Resources –

Resources will supply you with ample amounts of expert advice, instructions, and tips for success. You can use them to enhance your experience especially when doing something that is difficult or complicated. Being sure to optimize your list of resources is crucial for you to achieve the goals and dreams you desire.

7.Information –

Information is knowledge obtained from research, study, or instruction. Accurate information is a reliable and effective way to make the right decisions and drive your success. Having a constant flow of new information is an important component of achieving your goals and dreams. Continuous learning can be the difference maker between mediocracy and excelling. Information can be obtained from a variety of places such as reading, workshops, and experts.

8.Education –

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits and personal development. A part of education is an enlightened experience. Most of the time, education is received in a systematic way either at a school or university. Education brings about an inherent and permanent change in a person’s thinking and their capacity to do things. Knowledge is power!

9.The Right Mindset –

The reason most of us don’t achieve the goals we desire is because we aren’t all in. We have a lukewarm heart. We want something, and we want it bad, but wanting it is not enough. You must shift from wanting to deciding. There is no power in trying, you must stick the stake in the ground and decide that you are going to accomplish whatever it is you desire. You must claim and take ownership of what it is you want to achieve. Having a decided mindset is the only way to success.

10.Contribution –

A contribution is something that is given to help a person, or a cause achieve their goals. There is nothing more fulfilling then to give back and provide a means for others to be successful. What you give tends to come back to you in ways that you would never expect. Your purpose can not be achieved without you, but it is never about you. Whatever it is that you are supposed to do will always be about contributing to the needs that exist.

We are proud to be able to provide all these attributes in one community. Having everything you need to achieve your goals and dreams in one location is why our members achieve their goals at a faster pace than the average person.


Written By:

Kim Martin,

Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.

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