4 ideas to bestow more meaningful gifts this Christmas season.

It seems that gift cards have become the most popular presents to give for most any occasion, but what if this Christmas you decide to bestow more meaningful gifts to those you love.

It’s a great gesture, but what makes gifts more meaningful? We’ve done the research for you and found four practical ideas that will help you give more purposeful presents to the people you love.

4 ideas to bestow more meaningful gifts this Christmas season.

1. Give a gift that shows how well you know them and that you listen.

Although it can be so tempting to just check the gifts off someone’s wish list, it can be so much more meaningful when you strike out on your own and grab an item that shows how well you know a person and that you listen to them. Remember a time when someone gave you a present that you weren’t expecting but it was something you mentioned along the way that you wanted? It makes you feel special, and the surprise is heartwarming.

2. Give a gift that represents your unique connection with the person.

For example, where you met for the first time, the year, or a special thing you have in common. You can even center your gift around a shared memory, or something personalized that signifies a hobby or interest you both like. Whatever you choose a present that tells the story of your distinctive relationship will surely be well received.

3. Give an experience.

An experience can often be more memorable. You can go to show, take a day trip, or a fun local event. Another idea is to create a scavenger or a treasure hunt. An experience doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, it can be as simple as a hike in a great park, going bowling, or a picnic. Whatever you decide, just be sure to put a lot of thought and your heart into it.

4. Give a donation or volunteer at their favorite charitable cause.

Some people are more interested in serving than stuff or things for themselves. Not sure of what organization would be best or volunteering isn’t your cup of tea, we found this awesome website while researching for this article called, “Trees for a change.” You can plant a tree in honor of someone and even get a certificate and letter to present to them to share what you’ve done in their name. It’s a pretty cool idea and especially for a loved one that may be hard to buy for or as we mentioned likes to serve more or give more than receive. https://www.treesforachange.com/

There is no perfect solution for what the best way for you is to bestow a more meaningful gift to your loved ones but using some of these ideas could help you come up with something that makes sense for your special people this Christmas season. The idea is to put more thought into what is most important and purposeful for your circumstances or situation and bestow more meaningful gifts.


Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided INC.


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