Three reasons to wait and three reasons to move on

The hardest thing to decide for yourself is should I wait or should I move on. Success is a journey and there are times along the way that you will have to wait. You may not be seeing the results you had hoped for by this point, and when we feel like our results don’t match our efforts, it is very deflating. It can make even the most optimistic person want to throw in the towel. The problem with the easy solution of quitting is it brings about feelings of defeat and loss. Simply stated, it does not make you feel very good about yourself. There must be a better way to determine when to wait and when to move on.

First, let’s be clear about what it means to wait.

When you think of waiting, you may consider standing in line to board a plane or waiting in a traffic jam. This is a passive waiting that we take on when we want other things around us to change. There isn’t much you can do about the “wait” to board a plane or the “wait” to get through the traffic jam. You are just passively hoping that the people and things around you will get better and change your situation. If you are waiting to pass time, it’s not really the wait we are speaking of.

Now, let’s look at wait in a much different way.

Think of waiting as an action. You aren’t sitting around with your fingers crossed hoping things will change, you are taking massive action while you wait to get the results you ultimately want. You are focusing on movement all while you are waiting for what you really want. You are clear about what you desire, you know what you are waiting for, you continue to work, hustle, and wait in expectation that eventually you will get what you want.

The secret to the wait, is treating every moment like it’s the most important moment of your life. Enjoy the wait!

Do you feel like you are at a crossroads of moving on or just waiting it out? Here are three good reasons to wait it out, and three good reasons to move on.

Three reasons to wait and three reasons to move on.

When to wait:

  1. You don’t know what to do.

    When you don’t know what you should do, the best choice you can make is to do nothing. Use this waiting period as a time to do some research, to learn, pray, and discern what you need to do. In time, you will get an answer.

  2. Moving on feels like you are settling.

    Remember, the devil shows up in sheep’s clothing. There may be an option available to you right now that seems like it’s a good thing, but if you know in your heart there is more for you, and it feels like you are settling, then waiting is most likely the best option for you at this moment.

  3. You feel frantic or rushed.

    It can be very difficult to make good decisions when you feel frantic or rushed. It can make you act in desperation, and this is never a good thing. God’s timing will never feel hard pressed or like you are having to strive and over work. When it’s the right time, things will feel right, and you will have a sense of peace about you. If you feel overburdened, just wait.

When to move on:

  1. I’m waiting because I’m afraid.

    Fear can paralyze us. A good idea is to write down the pros and cons for waiting and for moving on. If the only reason you can come up with for not moving on is that you are afraid, then it’s time to move. Fear should never be the only reason keeping you from going for your goals and dreams.

  2. Waiting is easier.

    If we’re not careful, waiting can become procrastination. It can feel much easier to put something off then to do it right now. There really is no better time than now. Remember, to wait is an action. You aren’t just waiting for someone else to change the situation like in a traffic jam, you are working and hustling to make the change happen for yourself.

  3. It doesn’t feel like the right time.

    Here’s the thing, it may never feel like the right time. The right time is now. Your purpose is waiting on you, and if the only thing holding you back is that you are waiting on yourself, it’s time to make a move!

Everything you desire, also desires you. It’s just that sometimes we don’t get it exactly the way or in the time we believe we should. There are times along your success journey that you will have to wait because it’s just not happening as fast as you would like. However, you must remember that to wait does not mean to simply sit around and pass time. You must recognize that every moment is the most important moment of your life, and that in the wait you must continue to work, expect, and trust.

Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.

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