4 things to stop doing and 4 things to start doing to help remind us of our gift to surrender.

To surrender is the most powerful thing we can put to practice. Our mind tries to control everything it encounters; It is human nature. To understand what it means to surrender, we must be clear about what it is and what it is not. Surrender is not defeat. It is not giving up or quitting, and it is not accepting less than. Surrender is not a strategy. In fact, it is where all strategies end. Surrender happens when we know that we do not know. We simply do not have the answers. To surrender is to give up what we think should be happening for what is actually happening. Surrender is always accompanied with peace. It’s not that what has happened to us or the situation get’s easier, it’s that the evil power of control releases its grip on us. There is an inner ease that appears when we decide to turn it over to our creator. The ability to surrender is a gift, but there are some things we can stop doing and some things we can start doing that can bring a greater awareness to times when we must surrender.

Here are 4 things to stop doing and 4 things to start doing to help remind us of our gift to surrender.

Stop striving. To strive means to make great efforts, to struggle, or to fight vigorously. When you are striving to achieve your goals and dreams, it is exhausting. When we strive, we end up missing out on enjoying what is in the moment, and living life where we are, as we are. Striving causes needless anxiousness and stress, so instead, start learning to thrive. Start thriving. To thrive means to grow and develop well; To gain in wealth or possessions, to be successful and flourish. Doesn’t that sound so much better?

Stop controlling. In general, people overestimate their ability to control things. The reality is that control is an illusion. Believing that everything in life is within our control is a serious handicap in achieving your goals and dreams. It is super important to learn to focus on the things you can control and let go of what you cannot. Instead of trying to control every situation, start relinquishing instead. Start relinquishing. To relinquish means to give up control. It does not mean to give up on your goals, it just means you recognize that you can’t control every event and you refuse to let the power of control paralyze you.

Stop overthinking. Overthinking can be described as ruminating. Ruminating is what cows do. Chewing on cud is considered ruminating. However, humans can do that with our thoughts. We tend to go over and over the same things in our mind, exaggerating events, making mountains out of molehills. We overthink ourselves out of action. Instead, we should start seeking. Start seeking. We need to start seeking out information, motivation, the right people, and resources that can help us achieve what we desire. We can seek help, support, and accountability. Overthinking holds us back but seeking brings about action.

Stop resisting. Humans love to resist the things we really need the most. We resist the great things that are right in front of us. We resist love, we resist forgiveness, we resist positive change. We just constantly resist the right things. Why do we do this? Usually because it is the harder choice. To do the harder thing requires work, commitment, and an investment of time and money. We resist investing in ourselves the most. At some point to see our goals and dreams come to fruition, we will have to move out of our comfort zone, and start trusting. Start trusting. We must start trusting that we were born for a purpose and we have everything we need to accomplish it. We are right where we are supposed to be for such a time as this. We must trust that in the perfect time, if we keep the faith, work hard, hold on, and persevere, that what is meant to be will happen. Trust that The One who created you for great works is faithful and He will do it.


Written by Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC


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