5 Secret ingredients to living in harmony.

When you say the words, “living in harmony”, don’t you just get all the feels? Really, who wouldn’t want to live in perfect harmony? It sounds so peaceful and balanced, and well it most likely is. There’s just one little problem, we don’t live in a perfect world. However, you can still live-in harmony if you have the right ingredients. Harmony can be described as when what you think, what you say, and what you do are all in alignment. The ultimate idea is to work towards that goal. If you strive for that, on most days you will achieve it, but true harmony is found in disharmony covered in grace.

 In our research, we discovered these 5 secret ingredients to living in harmony.

  1. Say goodbye to balance – Life is not about finding the perfect balance because there is no such thing. Life is about prioritizing. Every day brings new information, new ideas, new problems, new tasks, and so on. Today, you may have to make work the priority over everything else because you have a tight deadline to meet, but tomorrow your kid’s game becomes the priority. It is dangerous to believe that life stops at work and begins outside of work. Say goodbye to work-life balance and add the word priority.


  1. Don’t compare – Comparison steals joy. You have a unique design and purpose that belongs to you alone. There is nothing to compare. Your goal is to be the best version of yourself you can be. Be the best you and don’t compare to what anyone else is doing. It’s certainly a good idea to have a mentor or a coach who has accomplished something you desire but comparing timelines or success levels are a recipe for disaster.


  1. Keep on learning and growing – Knowledge is as vast as the oceans. There is no way to ever know it all in a lifetime. Being a life-long learner is so important to growth. Be open to new ideas and the possibility of change. There is no expiration date for learning.


  1. Self-care – If there is one “special” ingredient, it’s this one. Your health is your wealth. Please do not use the excuse that you don’t have time. You must make time to treat yourself well. A routine of exercise prioritized with rest, good hygiene, healthy eating habits, personal development, are all an investment. This is the special ingredient because without it, you can have no harmony. Your mind will never be at peace if you don’t take care of yourself. Make self-care your top priority.


  1. Seize the moments – Living in “someday” is essentially called procrastination. Procrastination is the opposite of harmony. Really, when you think about it, waiting for the perfect moment, the right number of resources, or any other thing you think you may need to get started, are simply glorified excuses. The time to act is now. You must seize the moments because that is all you really have. You are not promised someday. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s call the present.


Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC



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