The 10 Pieces you Need to Complete Your Success Puzzle.

Based on the Nielson Ratings and other studies, only about 9% of people who set goals successfully achieve them. Why is that? The simple answer: Success is hard!

Success can be compared to putting together a puzzle. It requires all the pieces connected to see the complete picture. If any piece is missing, it makes the puzzle even more difficult. Success is the same. If you are serious about achieving your goals and dreams, like a puzzle, you must have all the pieces needed for success.

The 10 pieces you need to complete your success puzzle!

Motivation: To be successful, you must be motivated. The motivation we’re talking about, isn’t what you think. Consider motivation as revelation. Motivation happens when you hear something you already know, but you’re hearing it in a way that is relatable to you. Suddenly, the knowledge you already have collides with the new information you have learned, and a light bulb goes off in your mind. An ah-ha moment! Now, you see how the information can be applied to your own personal life, and you are motivated to make change. The motivation we’re speaking of produces change. Motivation wears off quickly, so you need constant motivation on your success journey to achieve what you desire.

Inspiration: What would you consider the absolute best way to be inspired? If you guessed success stories, you would be correct! There is nothing more inspiring then hearing or seeing the testimony of someone who has accomplished what you desire to achieve. When you witness someone being successful, it inspires you to go for your dreams too! Success begets success!

Support: Having a network of support is key to success. You need the encouragement of others to cheer you on when the work seems too hard to achieve. Without the support of like-minded people, success is not possible. Having a community of others who desire to be successful in their goals, but also care about you and your goals, will provide you the support you need to accomplish whatever you desire.

Accountability: Accountability is what keeps you going when you simply don’t want to continue on the long journey to success. Having someone who knows your goals, and who cares enough about you to challenge you to keep driving forward when you feel like quitting, is like the corner piece of your success puzzle. Success requires accountability. At I’ve Decided, INC we like to call them accountabilibuddies.

Tools: You must have the tools you need for success. For example, if your goal is to drink more water. You would want to incorporate a great water bottle. Maybe one that is your favorite color, just the right size, ETC… Any goal you will want to accomplish will require certain tools that will improve your odds of success. Incorporating tools is a piece of your success puzzle. What tool do you need to help you to successfully achieve your goal?

Resources: Resources are a source or supply that you can readily draw upon when needed. If you are going to be successful in whatever your goals and dreams are, you need lots of great resources. Resources can be businesses who provide things you need, materials, and/or people willing to help. Having resources readily available to you will greatly improve your odds of success.

Information: Another piece of the success puzzle is information. Information is key to helping you achieve what it is you desire. Information comes in many forms, but there is no better form of information than seeking wisdom from someone who has experienced success in what you want to achieve. Having access to experts who can share their knowledge with you is so important to you accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Education: There is formal and informal education…Both are important. If your goal requires you to have a degree, you will need a formal education. But there is so much education you can gain from experts, coaches, seminars, and conferences. An especially important piece of your success puzzle is education. Being a life-ling learner is key to success. There is always more to learn and know, so you can grow!

The Right Mindset: Do or do not do, there is no try. At I’ve Decided, INC we live by these words spoken by Yoda. To be successful, you must have a decided mindset. Whatever it is you want to achieve; you must decide you are going to do it no matter what. The right mindset is essential for your success! Your brain is like a computer, garbage in, garbage out. If you want the best life has to offer, be sure you fuel your mind with the best possible information.

Contribution: Success isn’t just about you. A huge part of your personal success is the contribution you make to the success of others and your community. Ultimately, you will never be completely satisfied no matter how successful you are if you aren’t contributing in some way. Contribution completes your success puzzle.

So why is success so hard?

The long answer is, because it requires many pieces working together constantly to ultimately achieve whatever goals or dreams you have for yourself. You must have a constant flow of motivation, you need inspiration from success stories, support, accountability, tools, resources, information, education, the right mindset, and of course a means to contribute. If any one of these is missing, like a puzzle, you will not be able to complete your goal. You must have all the pieces of your success puzzle easily accessible to you.

As a member of I’ve Decided, being successful doesn’t’ have to be so hard. We have everything you need to achieve whatever you desire. In fact, our mission is your success! Think about I’ve Decided like the box that contains all the pieces you need to connect your puzzle of success.

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