4 Things to Stop so You Can Start!


STOP waiting for the perfect timing…If you are waiting for everything to be perfect to get started you will be waiting forever. Things will never be perfect. There will always be something that is not right or could be better. There is no perfect time; there is only the present time. You must act now and you can make adjustments as you move along. The perfect time to start was last year, the next best time to start is now.

STOP over-thinking it…When we over-think things, we start to get paralysis of analysis. We start to analyze things to the point that we cannot move forward. We obsess over how conditions aren’t perfect, question the amount of time we have to commit, or come up with a whole host of reasons not to move forward. Don’t over-think it, just do it.

STOP focusing on fear…Most people detest public speaking. However, have you ever realized the worst part? It is usually waiting around to speak. Even the most experienced and poised speakers can get nervous during this time. However, once you get started that fear and anxiety disappear. Action cures fears!

STOP the distractions…Have you ever jumped on your computer to write an article only to start responding to emails, checking your social networking sites, and searching the internet? We live in a world of increasing noise. This noise can cause distractions that prevent us from being productive and give us an excuse to procrastinate. Focus in and drown out the distractions, and you will gain momentum from your production.

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