“6 Traits of Imaginative People”

Print PostHow imaginative are you? Imagination matters when it comes to success. People who are imaginative are more likely to be innovative in a crisis and they can quickly come up with new and clever ideas when change occurs. You may not consider yourself a creative person, but the truth is we all can improve […]

“5 Benefits of an Openness Attitude”

Print PostMost people would not argue the fact that healthy relationships are critical for success. There are many contributing factors to healthy relationships but the cornerstone of building a quality and lasting relationship is openness. Openness is defined as being honest and not hiding information or feelings. Let’s face it, most of us struggle in […]

“5 Characteristics of Good Personal Boundaries”

Print PostThe Webster dictionary defines physical boundaries as a wall or a barrier between two things. It can be like a fence that is intended to protect an area and keep people from entering onto private property. Emotional boundaries are similar in a sense that you are protecting your personal space. Good personal boundaries are […]

“5 Ways to Apply What You Know for Success”

Print PostIt is not enough to understand what you need to do, and it is not enough to want to do it. Knowledge and willingness can only make a difference in your success when you put them both to good use and apply everything you need to achieve the goals you desire. We all have […]

“5 Mental Vitamins to Supplement Success”

Print PostThe word supplement is not unfamiliar to most people who desire to live a healthy lifestyle. The wellness industry has made billions selling supplements to enhance or offset a poor diet. However, the actual definition of the word supplement has a much deeper meaning. Supplement is described as something added to complete or improve […]

“7 exercises to improve your mental strength”

Print PostMore useful than talent is stamina. To achieve the goals and dreams you desire is hard. In fact, success is so hard that less than 9% of the population achieve the things they want. The research would argue that most people don’t accomplish their goals because they lose momentum and give up too quickly […]

“4 Ways to Expand Your Capacity for Growth.”

Print PostWhen is the last time you contemplated or thought about what your capacity is for growth and change? Growth is unlimited. On the other hand, your ability to learn or your capacity for growth is limited to what you understand at this very point in your life. For just a moment close your eyes […]

“4 Powerful Reasons to Rejoice at Easter and Always”

Print PostWhy we should rejoice at Easter and always! Easter is the day on which Christians remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We rejoice in our risen Savior! There is so much to celebrate about what Jesus did for each of us over 2000 years ago, but there are four powerful reasons we […]

Unlock a Life of Significance

Print PostIf you seek significance, you will find success. A life of significance is all about the difference you’re making, and the impact you’re making on others while you are alive here on earth. Gary Zukav says, “Your life on this earth is significant whether or not you are aware of it, and even rather […]

“The 10 Attributes of Achievement”

Print PostIn our I’ve Decided Community we like to use the analogy of putting a puzzle together to help people understand what it takes to be successful. A puzzle requires certain pieces connected to see the picture that it’s supposed to be. Success is much like a puzzle; you need certain things working together to […]