Effective Communication Strategies – Daryl Carlson from the Alzheimer’s Association

Listen in to Daryl Carlson from the Alzheimer’s Association to advance your personal communication skills. You will learn valuable insights to move beyond just speaking and listening as you join us to explore how communication takes place with someone who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Over 1/4 of a million people in Illinois have dementia. Learning to communicate with them will help your business, your community, as well as your interpersonal skills. Join us to master your ability to decode verbal and behavioral messages and identify strategies to help you better connect with anyone.

CNL – The great resignation to the great reformation – Kim Martin

hear all about how you can take a hold of the current workplace crisis and turn it around to be one of the best opportunities for growth that you have ever seen. It’s time to shift from seeing the great resignation as a problem to seeing it as a solution to your greatest success! If you are being impacted by the current environment, the timing is urgent and you don’t want to miss this information.

CNL – Instant Calm – Daryl Carlson

Keep people from sucking your emotions dry and learn how you can feel more in control! Our guest speaker, Daryl Carlson will introduce us to his master course, Instant Calm.

CNL – 3 Key Attributes of Mindful Communicators – Cindy Byrd

Ineffective communication can cause misunderstandings, roadblocks, and broken relationships, but it doesn’t have to be this way if we practice being mindful communicators.
In this fun and interactive program, led by Cindy Byrd, you’ll learn how to bring more presence, awareness, and thoughtfulness to your daily interactions and, in turn, earn trust and build positive relationships.

CNL – Laura Sniff – The Picket Fence

We are excited to introduce our I’ve Decided Community and guests to the founder of The Picket Fence Foundation, Laura Sniff
This amazing organization celebrates abilities by providing a place of employment, entrepreneurship, and a community of resources for people with disabilities.

CNL – Kim Martin – Clients, Content & Campaigns

Our topic this week is clients, content, and campaigns. Get clear on who you want your target audience to be, get introduced to Canva for creating content, and find out how campaigns can attract people. Led by our I’ve Decided Founder, Kim Martin. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.