CNL – Online Marketing Simplified!

Are you overwhelmed with ALL the Social Media options out there? Jennifer will help you understand what platform is best for you, and how to create valuable content and grow your audience!

CNL – how good health is vital to your success part 2

Our topic this month is all about how good health is vital to your success part 2. We will have a panel of experts to teach us more about nutrition, exercise, and the importance of good supplements. Do you want to lose weight, exercise more, or just have overall better health? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the resources within our community!

Fulfilled! An I’ve Decided Personal Development Conference – Travel Tip #6 – Dr. Marcus Belin

Dr. Marcus Belin speaks on Travel Tip #6, Fly with your Purpose!! Dr. Belin Dr. Marcus Belin serves as the Principal of Huntley High School Dr. Belin is a motivational speaker who has reached over 5,000 school leaders and educators in the past 3 years and the host of Unapologetic Leadership, a podcast designed to tell and share the stories of leadership and the passion behind the work of being an educator.

He is passionate about creating learning environments that foster social-emotional support for kids, leveraging the integration of technology to expose kids to the world around them, motivating educators, and challenging the status quo of education.

He is an alum of Bradley University, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and National Louis University for his doctorate.

Dr. Belin is the husband of an amazing wife, Monique, and a father to 3 beautiful children, who keep life exciting and active.

Fulfilled! An I’ve Decided Personal Development Conference – Travel Tip #5 – Kurt P. White

Kurt P. White speaks on Travel Tip #5, Surviving the Turbulence! He decided early on to eliminate the word “can’t” from his vocabulary. Recognizing his own physical disabilities might be easier to see than those mentioned above, he helps you see beyond your disabilities and encourages you to live your life to the fullest.
As one of I’ve Decided’s preferred speakers, Kurt shares how he Lives Life to the Fullest as a Handicapable Person. Kurt believes living your life to the fullest means utilizing your God-given time and talent to the best of your ability. His stories and attitude towards life easily transcend him to be an effective I’ve Decided Success Partner.

Fulfilled! An I’ve Decided Personal Development Conference – Travel Tip #3&4 – Molly Crusen Bishop

Molly Crusen Bishop speaks on Travel Tip #4, The Sky is the Limit! “Dream Big!” Molly is a 5th generation, lifelong Peoria County resident. She is married to Douglas Bishop, and they have 5 children, one son-in-law, and 3 precious grandchildren. She grew up on Peoria’s West Bluff n the home her Irish great grandparents built in 1885.
Molly is a local writer, having written two books, She has written for over 8 magazines, currently as a contributor for Peoria Magazine, and Construction Beauty Magazine. She looks forward to serving others and growing in the I’ve Decided Community.

Fulfilled! An I’ve Decided Personal Development Conference – Travel Tip #2 – Jackie Greer-Buchanan

Jackie Greer-Buchanan speaks on Travel Tip #2, Travel LITE! She is a wife, mom of two daughters, grandmother and an entrepreneur who finds joy in traveling and helping others reach their full potential. As a retired educator of over 35 years, tennis coach and travel business owner she has a passion for teaching, and mentoring others to see a world of infinite possibilities. Her professional development journey began with a leadership class taught by the renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown which made a huge difference in shifting her mindset. She is excited to share experiences that helped her to Travel LITE.